Lying about submission times at other journals?

October 8, 2012


In response to our recent post about reject-when-you-mean-revise and submission-date massaging at Royal Society journals, Susie Maidment tweeted:

Since then I have heard from several other sources — including Stuart Taylor, Head of Publishing and Commercial Director of the Royal Society — that these practices are widespread.

Can anyone confirm this from their own experience?

It needs to be stamped out wherever it happens.

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7 Responses to “Lying about submission times at other journals?”

  1. I have had one other case that I found suspicious, but it is too shake to name names.

    Aside from that, Naturwissenschaften (Springer Verlag) outright says they won’t take major revisions but ask for re-submissions (i.e., they are honest about rejecting criteria). These re-submissions ALWAYS go through a new review, though, which makes the case non-comparable and non-problematic.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Right. Not comparable. And I assume that if Naturwissenschaften wants only minor revisions, that’s what it asks for?

  3. Exactly. They are brutal but honest.

  4. Ellie Says:

    Ah, I missed this post and replied to an earlier thread. In short, yes, I’ve had this at other journals but am now wondering if I should have named them.

  5. Mike Taylor Says:

    Yes, thanks for your comment on the other thread. I think you were absolutely right to name the journal in question: no purpose is served by allowing journals that misbehave to hide behind a veil of secrecy.

  6. […] adopt honest editorial policies; Biology Letters does trumpet its submission-to-acceptance time; Lying about submission times at other journals?; Discussing Biology Letters with the Royal Society). As noted in the last of these posts, the […]

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