Oblivious sauropods being eaten, part 2: Bakker’s snoozing brontosaur

May 7, 2013

Snoozing brontosaur by Bakker

From The Dinosaur Heresies.

Part 1.

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4 Responses to “Oblivious sauropods being eaten, part 2: Bakker’s snoozing brontosaur”

  1. Mike Taylor Says:

    I love the artwork, but … chevrons right down in the distal whiplash caudals?

  2. Matt Wedel Says:

    Seems unlikely, dunnit?

    Also, your comment made me realize that I forgot to file this in the ‘caudal’ category. Going to fix that now…

  3. old froglegs Says:

    Apparently Bakker had never been near the equator in the rainy season. Tropical rainstorms can be so nice and warm!

    Also nobody knew about these yet:

  4. […] its tail gnawed on by some pesky mammals. I’ll scan that and post it when I get time (Update: I did). I’m sure there must be others in a similar vein–point me to them in the comments or […]

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