A beautiful Lego Diplodocus skeleton

June 18, 2014

Check out this beautiful Lego Diplodocus:


(Click through for the full image at full size.)

I particularly like the little touch of having of bunch of Lego Victorian gentleman scientists clustered around it, though they’re probably a bit too big for the skeleton.

This is the work of MolochBaal, and all rights are reserved. You can see five more views of this model in his Flickr gallery. I especially admire how he’s managed to get the vertebral transitions pretty smooth, the careful use of separate radius/ulna and tibia/fibula, and the use of a transparent brick in the skull to represent the antorbital fenestra.

The forefeet are wrong — their toes should not be splayed out — but you can’t blame MolochBaal for that, as he was copying the mounted CM 84/94 cast in the Madrid museum.


3 Responses to “A beautiful Lego Diplodocus skeleton”

  1. DinoAstur Says:

    You can see here the opening of the exhibition of the Diplodocus replica from Madrid in 1913, with the assistance of the Spanish Royal Family (Queen MarĂ­a Cristina and Infanta Beatriz):


  2. Mark Hallett Says:

    What fun! Too bad about the ramrod-straight neck (a Lego construction necessity, perhaps?), but at least the skull isn’t pointing straight down….

  3. Ilja Nieuwland Says:

    It IS more or less historically accurate this way.

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