Three big dorks

October 18, 2007


Figure 1. Sauroposeidon proteles, eighth cervical vertebra (top) and posterior portion of seventh cervical (bottom). Mike Taylor (left) and Matt Wedel (right) for scale.

8 Responses to “Three big dorks”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Good crap, that’s huge! Nice picture, too. I love the name “Sauroposeidon”…could do without that “Superposeidon” thing I see every now and then :).

  2. Darren Naish Says:

    Mike, you do know what dork means right?

    And slow down on the posting rate will you – I’m trying to pace myself here :)

  3. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    So, what angle are we viewing from? It appears the 7th is at the bottom of the picture, so I’d say we’re looking at the vertebrae from the dino’s 2 o’clock level, but what’s that in paleontologistese?

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    Hi, Amanda. Yes, it’s big :-)

    No, Darren, I didn’t (but now do) know the original meaning of “dork”. Matt chose the title.

    Yes, Mike, you’re reading the photo right. We are viewing the specimen in right anterolateral, so the part nearest to us is the more anterior of the two vertebrae. Stay tuned for more informative Sauroposeidon photos.

  5. Julia Says:

    Yeah, THAT’S not going to be 3-D digitised anytime soon either…

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