The unholy reanimation of Mike Taylor

January 11, 2008

Well, not really. Mike has been profiled on Science Careers. It’s a big lovefest for Mike, Darren, me, SV-POW!, the Dinosaur Mailing List, Xenoposeidon, Apatosaurus, father-son relationships, and science in general.

And it’s all true.*


* Actually, Mike would describe his day job differently. He’s a transponster!

2 Responses to “The unholy reanimation of Mike Taylor”

  1. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    The article was interesting, but I was already in awe of Mike. Kind of makes me feel a bit ashamed I just pester you guys on a blog instead of ploughing in myself.

    Of course, I’m in awe of any paleontologist, so Darren and Matt can bask in the glow too.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Hey, MfO,

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last seven years it’s that Pestering Guys On A Blog is the road that leads to Ploughing In Yourself. Seriously — talk to Matt, he can tell you how I spent several solid years asking him stupid questions and suggesting dumb ideas. If I can do it, so can you. (Provided that you, like me, are witty, charming, thoughtful and ruggedly handsome, of course.)

    No, seriously, you can. Here is an except from an email that Matt sent me in October 2003:

    It’s only pie-in-the-sky if you think it is. Look, there are people who have written scientific papers and people who have not. Every one of the former was once one of the latter. What separates the two categories is not some innate difference, spark of genius, or divine gift. All that separates them is the often bizarre chain of serrendipitous events that leads one to write a scientific paper.

    That should encourage you.

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