Bonus post: Sauroposeidon illustrated

August 14, 2008

Since my last post was rather heavier on the sushi than on the sauropod vertebrae, I offer this special bonus post. One of the frustrating things about the otherwise marvelous Sauroposeidon monograph (Wedel et al. 2000b) is that the figures are so small. Sadly this is also true of all the other publications that illustrate its remains, and so the published literature has no nice, detailed images.

No longer!  I’ve scored a rare paper copy of Matt’s undergraduate thesis (Wedel 1997) which contained basically all the material that eventually became that monograph, and which in addition has much larger versions of the figures.  So without further ado, I give you figure 5 of that paper:

Sauroposeidon cervical vertebrae. A, C5-C8; B, C6

Part A is similar to Wedel et al. (2000b:fig 6), and part B to Wedel et al. (2000b:fig. 7A), but this older version is rather nicer, and from a waaay better scan than is available for Wedel et al. (2000b).

And that’s all I have to say about that.


7 Responses to “Bonus post: Sauroposeidon illustrated”

  1. Nathan Myers Says:

    Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week is still the awesomest site on the whole interweb. Anyone being paid to display awesomeness probably should give up and go to work at Wal-mart, because they’ll simply never match it.

  2. Dave Godfrey Says:

    SV-POW! has been nominated for a “very prestigious and totally serious award”. Just thought you’d like to know.

  3. Mike,

    I was wondering what you think about the neck posture in Sauroposeidon? Or possible in other brachiosaurs? My main point is, does the anatomy in sauropod necks really preclude a semi-upright posture versus a horizontal posture? I know there have been lots of studies published by Kent Stevens and Paul Upchurch and others as well as more informal work (at least the stuff that I am acquainted with) by Tracy Ford and Greg Paul, and they often lead to different conclusions, so I was wondering what a sauropod expert thinks about this?

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    Hey, Zach.

    I’d like to talk about this, but I think it’s better if I ask you to wait for Wedel, Naish and Taylor 2008 :-) (Or maybe it’ll be 2009 by then.)

  5. Haha. Okay….I hope I don’t go insane waiting for it, then ;)

  6. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    That’s never a C6 from anything. Matt got caught doodling spaceships in class and passed it of as a vertebra and since then has had to stick to it so as to not embarrass his prof who took it at face value.

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