The ghost of Christmas past

December 25, 2008


But also of Christmas future.

Or, perhaps, the spirit (pneuma) of the season.

Merry Christmas to all! We’ll see you back here in 2009.


The SV-POW!sketeers

5 Responses to “The ghost of Christmas past”

  1. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    Merry Christmas to SV-POW! and all who sail in her.

    Thanks to Darren, Matt and Mike for a gift that truly keeps on giving a sense of wonder and awe all year long.

  2. Graham King Says:

    Yep, a stupendous and splendiferous enterprise it is!

    Much of both awesomeness and hilarity endow it.

    Long may it continue so. Mega, Massive (Respect!) but not unduly weighty. And taking ever bigger strides forward into the future.


    ‘long’ may it continue. Long, like a sauropod vertebral column. geddit? and not unduly weighty cos pneumatised? geddit? etc?

    Of course.

    Thanks Guys! here’s to a Happy New Year 2009!

    (and I hope you will excuse my extensive ribbing)

  3. Graham King Says:

    I mean ‘weighty’ – as in pretentiously portentous, burdensomely solemn, etc – is what SV-POW is not.

    But maybe I should have said not unduly heavy?

    For SV-POW surely is weighty in the best sense… creditable, worthy, sound.

    Is what I mean.


  4. […] but the gallery wasn’t open yet so all I got–and all I could pass on to you–was this teaser. The new orientation gallery opened in the middle of this spring, so Sauroposeidon has been hanging […]

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