Off-topic: say hello to Emma Naish

February 8, 2009

At 9:43 this morning, Darren’s wife Toni gave birth to their daughter Emma. I don’t know much more than that except that everyone is well. Join me in offering Darren, Toni and Emma your congratulations!

UPDATE: Not to detract at all from the momentous news at the Naish house, but we have a policy around here of not posting anything without a picture of a sauropod vertebra, so here’s the holotype of Dystylosaurus (= Supersaurus) with a pen for scale. I reckon if we flipped that thing over and put a blanket in the cotyle, it would make a roomy and entirely appropriate bassinet for baby Emma. Congratulations again to the Naishes, especially the as-yet-uncongratulated Wil, who now has a baby sister to torment.


5 Responses to “Off-topic: say hello to Emma Naish”

  1. Sean Craven Says:

    Congratulations to Toni and Darren on the birth of their daughter. My best wishes for Emma’s health and happiness.

    So when does her blog go up?

  2. Will Baird Says:

    New tetrapod to study there, Daren!

  3. Andy Says:


  4. Scott Hartman Says:

    Congrats Darren on finding one of the few things compelling more interesting than paleontology in this world! :D

  5. Graham King Says:

    to torment.

    You meant ‘to mentor’, shurely?

    I know it’s an easy typo to make –

    the two concepts are often confused ;-)

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