The land of the free papers

February 20, 2009

UPDATE: Oops, I’m a moron. I wrote this post at work (on my lunch hour!) and didn’t realize that I had free access to the Wiley stuff because I was at work. I can’t get them from home either. But as a public service to disappointed readers, I will send PDFs of the three Wiley articles to anyone who e-mails me: (spam bots can suck on Google’s filters, which are teh awesome).

Apologies to Jerry for the title (you DMLers know what I’m talking about). In case no one has drawn your attention to it, the rate of arrival of hot new SV-POW!-revelant papers has gone near-exponential lately. Here’s a short hit list, all a few of which are currently free downloads!

First, three hotties from the all-open-access, all-the-time PLoS ONE:

As long as you’re over at PLoS ONE, you might as well read up on fighting ceratopsians and pregnant land whales (be careful how you use that last phrase, too–we don’t want to lose any readers to domestic violence).

Next, two important recent papers from the Journal of Experimental Zoology (other than my own). These are free right now but who knows for how long, so download them pronto before they go behind a paywall to anyone who e-mails me for them.

Continuing with another sauropod paper from Germany, this time in the journal of the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin. This one is also currently free but may not be forever. Don’t tarry. You know the drill.

Finally, the redescription of Euhelopus by Jeff Wilson and Paul Upchurch is in press, and hopefully we will have a URL to add here soon (and hopefull it will also be free, at least for a while).

At least some segments of the music industry are getting used to the idea that file-sharing can be piracy, but it can also be free distribution and publicity. The new trend of corporate journals offering free downloads on current articles makes me wonder if they’re starting to think the same way [or not]. I’m reminded of John Gilmore’s famous line, “The net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” [like me] Authors are going to keep e-mailing PDFs to all of their friends and colleagues anyway; why not go with the flow? If everyone else’s stuff is being traded and read (and cited!) while yours is sitting behind a paywall, you lose; the “you” applies to both authors and publishers [unless some idiot volunteers to send your stuff around, in which case you only lose if you are the publisher]. End of rant.

Enjoy the new goods!

Here’s the mandated sauropod vert picture, which I believe has not appeared on this site before. I stole it from Darren as a gift to Mike–the poor widdle fing.


6 Responses to “The land of the free papers”

  1. open access is admorable trend indeed.
    It seems that BioOne has also jumped into the bandwagon and seems to be (atleast now) open access.

    For some reason I can’t access the tendanguru sauropod paper so I guess the freenes of that paper has expired.

    If some one has the paper could that kind person forward it to me? thanks!

  2. Nima Says:

    GRRRRR! The articles on Wiley are ALL behind the pay wall… and it’s been less than a day!

  3. Matt Wedel Says:

    Oops. Sorry to get your hopes up. A fix is in place. I will be traveling for a few days, so it may take me a while to respond, but I WILL respond.

    For the life of me, I can’t see how limiting access to science–or even trying to–does anyone any good.

    This is Radio Free SV-POW! signing off.

  4. No worries Matt. I did have free access to the other papers earlier but it seems that they have expired to.
    Anyways I managed to get the tendanguru paper from friend so I have no need to pester you any further. ;)

    Thanks for the new paper alert!

  5. Zach Miller Says:

    This guy. Right here. Wants ’em all.

    sillysaur at gmail dot com

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Nathan Myers Says:

    I think all would benefit if we were each to send Zach every interesting paper we encounter without waiting for him to ask.

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