Seems that SV-POW! is only the second greatest blog in the universe

November 19, 2010

Just noticed this over on ScienceBlogs:

Tetrapod Zoology conquers the world!

SV-POW!sketeer Darren’s Naish’s other blog Tetrapod Zoology has — rightly — often featured strongly in the Readers’ Picks sidebar; but this is the first time I’ve seen it, or indeed any blog, completely monopolise the list.

ScienceBlogs has other blogs that get more hits and more comments than Tet Zoo — mostly because they consist of flamebait — but when you want solid chunks of meaty, scientific nourishment, Tet Zoo now seems to be pretty well established as king of the hill.  On the slight chance that any SV-POW! readers aren’t already regulars at Tet Zoo, let me recommend it in the strongest terms: I know of no other blog that does such a good job of presenting hardcore science in a readable, approachable manner.

So congratulations to Darren, and long may it continue!


6 Responses to “Seems that SV-POW! is only the second greatest blog in the universe”

  1. Andy Farke Says:

    I’m always entertained a little by how the “Most Active” list always features one particular blog notable for its comment grubbing, whereas said blog is almost never on the Readers’ Picks or Editor’s Picks. I think it says a lot about the quality of the content in several blogs.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Rowan, JP – Research Lab. JP – Research Lab said: Seems that SV-POW! is only the second greatest blog in the universe: Just noticed this over on ScienceBlogs: Tet… […]

  3. David Hone Says:

    There seems to be surprisingly little science or even science-related content on most blogs that are purportedly about science. I’m not against people writing about their lives outside of the lab etc., and the odd distraction, but for me, blogs that advertise themselves as being about science should primarily be about science. That can be all manner of things from how to teach, reviews of papers, science and the law, science communication, science related politics etc. But there is too much of ‘here’s a nice animal photo’ and ‘I went to the game’ last night and far, far too little science.

  4. Tracy Ford Says:

    I really like the ‘Godzilla’ skeletons. That guy does great work…:)

  5. Mark Robinson Says:

    @Dave +1

    That’s why this, yours, Tet Zoo, and a couple of others are the only ones that I think are worth following. I have no interest in reading what amounts to little more than tweets or facebook status updates from someone who happens to be a scientist.

  6. Mike Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mark. One other recommendation, for a blog that I think you’ll like if you’re a Tet Zoo fan: Christopher Taylor’s Catalogue of Organisms. Hardcore, but approachable. And all science, all the time.

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