I’m stupid

February 20, 2011

Earlier this evening, while I was editing an SV-POW! article that we plan to release on Wednesday, I (Mike) inadvertently hit the Publish button rather than Save Draft as I’d intended.  I was able to quickly undo the posting, but it’s possible that some of you may have seen Wednesday’s article prematurely, especially if you use an RSS reader that happened to cache that page during the brief period that it was available.

I am asking you all, please, to limit the damage from my stupidity by not discussing that article or its subject at all until Wednesday.  Please don’t even say what it was about.

Thanks for understanding.

One Response to “I’m stupid”

  1. Jennifer Deland Says:

    Shoot! I was all set email it to somebody, too. But I wanted to read it first, and when I went to do that, the link was broken. I thought “that’s funny, these guys are usually a little more organized than that.” Organized enough to take responsibility for a mistake. Way to be a grownup!

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