On a lighter note…

August 21, 2011

Something about this photo from the last post has been bugging me all week. It’s the expression on my face. The set jaw, the thrust forward chin, the cocked eyebrow…I knew I had seen these things before. It took me a while, but I was finally able to place it. My doppelganger:

If this is an omen, I have no idea what it means.

Science will resume shortly.

4 Responses to “On a lighter note…”

  1. Dean Says:

    If only Buzz had a more distinguished beard.:)

  2. Buzz to the rescue! The resemblance is uncanny ;-)

  3. Matt Wedel Says:

    Distinguished! I like that. Unfortunately, Buzz has to be comedy relief, and such a beard would make him too heroic.

  4. aquadraco Says:

    To vertebrae – and beyond!

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