New mailing-list/forum: History of Paleontology

October 3, 2011

Just  a quick note to let anyone who’s not on the Dinosaur Mailing List know that the DML has spawned a new list dedicated to the history of palaeontology.  It’s hosted at Google Groups, so you have the choice of subscribing to it as a mailing list or reading it as a forum.

Go to the History of Paleontology mailing list.

Osborn and Mook (1921: plate LXXXII). Skeletal reconstruction of Camarasaurus executed in 1877 by Dr. John Ryder. This is the first ever skeletal reconstruction of a sauropod.


Osborn, Henry Fairfield, and Charles C. Mook.  1921.  Camarasaurus, Amphicoelias and other sauropods of Cope.  Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History, n.s. 3:247-387, and plates LX-LXXXV.


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