Sauropod sighting

October 10, 2011

But where? You tell us. All will be revealed shortly.

9 Responses to “Sauropod sighting”

  1. viva Says:

    LOVE the toes! rofl Brazil?

  2. A.J. Says:

    Cabazon, CA, right?

  3. Mike Keesey Says:

    Looks like the Cabazon sauropod, featured in the excellent film Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

  4. Kurt Kohler Says:

    Is that moss on the ventral neck?

    Another vote for Cabazon.

  5. Mark Robinson Says:

    Agree, that’s “Dinny” fo’ sure. Shame that it’s now being used to promote Young-Earth Creationism.

  6. It must be Dinny in Cabazon, because you can see the entrance to the shop located inside the body, on the right of the photo.

  7. Matt Wedel Says:

    It was too easy. Yes, it is Dinney the Dinosaur, in Cabazon, California, and yes, it is now a creationist hellhole. Much more to come when I’m less busy than I am now.*

    * A point in time who hypotheticality is only rivaled by Triassic shonisaur-eating krakens.**

    ** What the heck is the plural of kraken? Has there ever been more than one to talk about?

  8. Mark Ryan Says:

    I think in this case the plural of kraken is krackers.

  9. Nathan Myers Says:

    This posting should be titled “Experimental Evidence of Sauropod Epibiome”.

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