The gloves are off!

October 12, 2011

A package!  A package has arrived!

What can it be?

All right!  Let’s get down to business?

Now, where did I leave that monitor-lizard neck skeleton?  Ah yes …

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Stay tuned for exciting news about turkey zygapophyses.


6 Responses to “The gloves are off!”

  1. Nice toy! Reminds me of an experience I had in China, where someone working on fossil frogs saw me use a caliper and incredulously asked what that was? And, when told, asked if she could borrow it…. Makes me wonder about all the measurements in her previous papers.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    The thing is, tools like this are stupidly cheap. I got mine from, where it cost £11.62 including shipping — this for a model that’s had overwhelmingly positive reviews. Really, it’s stupid not to own calipers. I feel dumb for not having bought some before now.

  3. yeah, small ones really are cheap. I once used one that allowed 1/20th mm for sizes up to 1 m – that one cost the Tübingen Institute some 3000 Euros :eek: I was really afraid of accidentally dropping it!

  4. Mark Wildman Says:

    I’m feeling smug! Had one for quite a while now and have multiple plesiosaur elements very accurately measured – top bit of kit!

  5. Bobby Says:

    I actually just purchased this same model digital caliper from about two weeks ago, and it just came in the mail recently. Weird.

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