Always two there are…

October 31, 2011

…a master and an apprentice.

Here’s how the Wedel Lab rolls on Halloween:

Check out that padawan braid. It’s official, I have the world’s coolest grad student. Although Vanessa’s choice of lightsaber is a bit worrying. Great danger I foresee in her training.

5 Responses to “Always two there are…”

  1. Vanessa Graff Says:

    EVIL lightsaber = great choice :)

  2. Vertebrat Says:

    I see you have constructed
    New dissecting tools
    Fit for banthas, rontos,
    Even sauropods.

  3. Matt Wedel Says:

    In the human anatomy lab I am always talking up the virtues of “little pointy scissors” (iris scissors), because you can use the poke-and-spread method to find and successfully isolate even very small blood vessels and nerves from their jackets of fat and fascia. For my parting shot I twirl the scissors around my fingers and say, “A more elegant dissecting tool for a more civilized age.”

    Sadly, I’m lucky if one student per table gets the reference.

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    If there are always two, then obviously you’re talking about Sith rather than Jedi. Which means you can expect Vanessa to murder you in your sleep some time around now.

  5. Matt Wedel Says:

    Oh, sure. And when she tries to murder me in my sleep, I kill her and find a new apprentice.

    Or I go ahead and train a new apprentice right now, and have that person behead her on the bridge of the space battleship where I seem to be her prisoner.

    No matter what happens, I’ll claim that everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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