Best. Exhibit. Ever.

December 13, 2011

Wedel lab group photo, December 12, 2011. Vanessa Graff and Mathew Wedel, with Diplodocus carnegii, Giraffatitan brancai, Dicraeosaurus hansemanni and assorted stinkin’ theropods and ornithischians for scale.

9 Responses to “Best. Exhibit. Ever.”

  1. The lighting makes them look epic!

    Also, surely it was the sauropods who stank more, what with being hyperguzzling machines, and probably methane-release extraordinaires..

  2. Matt Wedel Says:

    Watch it, bub. Those are sauropods you’re talking about. Don’t think of them as decaton fart machines, but rather as Mesozoic climate enhancers.

  3. Mike Taylor Says:

    Isn’t it mostly ruminants that produce methane? Consensus is that sauropods were hindgut fermenters.

    And, yes, it’s a sensational picture. There’s a subtle forced perspective here that makes the Wedel lab look even smaller than it really is, so that even little Dicraeosaurus looks gigantic in comparison.

  4. […] didn’t get around to post a mammal pic on Monday, and not even yesterday. Afterpains of the Bonn meeting. Also, had Matt Wedel over for dinner […]

  5. So need to get there sometime. SVP, do you hear me?

  6. Marc Vincent Says:

    Hopefully Berlin will be the first holiday that my girlfriend and I will take together. She can go off and do normal people stuff, and I will just stare at this skeletal assemblage for hours. And hours. And a bit longer.

  7. Marc, I will drag you into one or two selected non-palaeo museums. Just ask Vanessa Graff and Matt Wedel about the Pergamon.

  8. Matt Wedel Says:

    It’s true. Heinrich threatened to drag me to the Pergamon by main force. We went Tuesday morning, and it was epic. Enough that from now on I will tell people that if they have only half a day to spend in Berlin, they should see the Museum fur Naturkunde, but if they have a whole day, they should spend half at the MfN and half at the Pergamon. Of course, one could easily spend two or three days at each place, but for those without that luxury, it is better to have seen them briefly than not to have seen them.

  9. […] ** My major discovery in the last two decades is that deer and coyotes and jackrabbits are just as exotic as dinosaurs, if only you learn to really see them. And before Mike jumps me for saying that, I said ‘just as exotic’, not ‘just as awesome‘. […]

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