February 19, 2012

Re-posted with permission.

Of course, these these days John is better known for this work on the evolution of musculature on the line to birds, tyrannosaur hindlimb mechanics, and elephant anatomy.  But it seems the world lost a promising novelist.

[Originally posted on Twitter, by John.]

See also: Acaren and the Evil Wizards.

3 Responses to “AN ALIEN IS COMING!”

  1. An excerpt from my PhD thesis actually?

    Plot freely stolen from “Destroy All Monsters” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, but I like it better when the aliens/monsters win.

    Michael Bay, I am not a fan but feel free to pay me millions for the option to make a film version; it’s right up your alley and even you couldn’t ruin it! :)

  2. Still better than anything on SyFy today!

  3. […] last year. And some comparative data used in the paper was supplied by SV-POW! favorite and sometime sci-fi author John […]

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