A new site: Who needs access? You need access!

February 20, 2012

Folks, just a short post to let you know that, together with my colleagues in the @access Working Group, I have just launched a new web-site.

One of the problems we have in promoting Open Access is getting non-scholars involved.  So the whole enterprise can feel like an ivory-tower issue, one that just doesn’t affect the great majority of people.  But that’s not true.

The new site is called Who needs access? You need access?.  Its goal is to tell stories of many different kinds of people — teachers, doctors, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs — who need access to research papers.  Some stories are positive ones about how access has helped; others are more negative, about how lack of access has hindered.  We have just three stories on the site as we launch; we want to add more, quickly.  Each story needs to be specific, not too long, and have a human face.

Please check it out, contribute, and tell your friends!


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