The “Open Access Bio and Paleo” page is no longer maintained

May 29, 2012

A brief notice:

A while back we set up a page of “open access bio and palaeo” links on this site — links to open-access journals, individual researchers’ pages that contain PDFs, etc.

Recently, Matt and I realised that neither one of us had the time or inclination to keep this up to date — fixing broken links, finding new sites, etc.  So rather than leave the page there looking like it’s up to date when it’s not, we thought it would be more honest to delete it.

But we gave it a partial reprieve just in case it’s useful to anyone else.  The page is still in place, but now has a big banner warning that it’s unmaintained.  We don’t expect to update it again.

BTW., if anyone out there would like to take the page over (i.e. use it as a basis for a new and up-to-date list that they host on their own site), they are very welcome indeed.  Please let us know if you do this, so we can replace our page with a link to your more recent one.


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