Trend Micro thinks SV-POW! is malicious

June 23, 2012

Folks, I just got this email from open-access guru Peter Suber (quoted with permission):

I get ominous warnings when I try to visit your blog at The warning in the browser says, “Malicious website blocked”. The warning in a separate pop-up says, “The Web page you are attempting to visit…could potentially harm your computer.”

Both warnings are from Trend Micro, which came factory installed on my Windows-based Dell laptop. I’ve found it reliable in the past.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it something we should be worried about? Does anyone know what we can do to stop it?

(BTW., for what it’s worth I can assure anyone else who’s seeing this warning that it can be ignored. There’s no malware here.)


14 Responses to “Trend Micro thinks SV-POW! is malicious”

  1. iljajj Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Visited the site on four Linux browsers and five on Mac. No warnings whatsoever – and I’ve got my Opera for Linux on maximum security (including numerous security plugins).

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Good to know, iljajj, thanks for the report. Anyone else?

  3. Not here. I suspect that Peter’s computer caught malware that impersonates TrendMicro, flags all sorts of sites as malicious, hoping you’d click on the fake link to “clean it up” which actually perpetuates the malware.

  4. Mickey Mortimer Says:

    This happened on my parents’ computer when I visited them this week, so I don’t think Bora’s idea is correct.

  5. Stephen M Says:

    A check on comes up with a warning, so ther database is listing your site as a problem. I gave feedback stating your website was safe. I suggest you give feedback identifying yourself as the site owner.

  6. Mike Taylor Says:

    Thanks, Stephen M. I have done as you suggest. It might not hurt if a few other readers were to do the same (it’s quick!)

  7. Kurt Kohler Says:

    I’ve also submitted a correction as suggested.
    I’m curious how they could possibly make such a mistake, but we’ll probably never know.

  8. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    TrendMicro? Now, I can see Elsevier and friends thinking SVPOW! is malicious. :-)

  9. Mike from Ottawa Says:

    BTW, no message here on PC using Firefox and AVG.

  10. Mark Robinson Says:

    Done. Suggested General, Reference as the category.

    You can be rated as “dangerous” for reasons other than malware, such as defrauding people. Perhaps Kent Stevens reported you for your posts on osteological neutral pose? ;-)

  11. Andrea Cau Says:

    No message here…
    well, just this only: “Warning: you’re entering the wrong side of Saurischia” ;-)

  12. Stephen M Says:

    Looks like they responded.

  13. Mike Taylor Says:

    Good to know, thanks for the notification. (Shame they didn’t bother to notify me themselves.)

  14. Mark Robinson Says:

    Just received an email from Trend to say that they have processed my request (from 24 Jun). Everybody should be relieved to hear that this blog is now rated as “Safe”.

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