The best part of science (and the second best part)

December 8, 2012

I just saw this tweet from palaeohistologist Sarah Werning, and it summed up what science is all about so well that I wanted to give it wider and more permanent coverage:

This is exactly right. Kudos to Sarah for saying it so beautifully.

(Sarah’s work can most recently be seen in Nesbitt et al.’s (2012) paper on a newly recognised ancient dinosaur or near dinosaur relative, and especially in the high-resolution supplementary images that she deposited at MorphoBank.)

[backup image]

One Response to “The best part of science (and the second best part)”

  1. […] – Becky is equally alert to the possibility inherent in science, that there are always more surprises waiting for us out there, more facts to discover and more explanations to figure out. The overall tone of the book is happy and optimistic. It’s clear that Becky loves learning about weird animals and loves telling others about them almost as much–which, of course, are among the primary joys of science. […]

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