Ending on a high note

December 31, 2012

Dicraeosaurus by Brian Engh

We’ve gotten a few complaints this year about how much time we’ve spent talking about open access instead of dinosaurs. Brian Engh is in the more-dinosaurs faction, but he doesn’t just whinge about our non-dino coverage, he does something about it. He writes:

here’s the deal:

when sv-pow becomes more discussion about human things and less discussion about ancient monsters i bombard your email with whatever crappy unfinished dino-drawings i got lying around. you have my permission to do with these as you wish, however if they end up on SV-POW i will be happy and feel i’m doing my part to combat humans.


Happy new year, sauropod fans. Enjoy this rearing Dicraeosaurus courtesy of Brian.

5 Responses to “Ending on a high note”

  1. Mark Robinson Says:

    HNY Matt, Mike, and Darren.

    I’ve actually found the academic spring stuff to be mostly interesting and informative despite having no dog in the fight itself but, sure, more ‘pods (or necks, whatever) would always be appreciated.

    If every time an open access piece appears we get a pic from Brian the following day that is as “crappy” as that Dicraeosaurus, I would consider that to be win-win, with both wins being to me.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Sweet deal, Brian! Of course, you do realise that you’ve just encouraged us to write more about open access :-)

  3. LeeB Says:

    You should feel free to write about open access or anything else you want, as it is your blog; as long as you keep interspersing the articles with pictures of sauropod vertebrae with some regularity the truth in advertising people won’t come after you.
    And seriously; you manage to keep the blog interesting because you write about things you care about.
    So continue on as you will.


  4. Vertebrat Says:

    Double lines of pointed spines,
    A neck to arch and rear and roar,
    A tail to lash, thumb-claws that crash–
    Don’t mess with this dicraeosaur.

  5. […] to hang out with Brian Engh and some of his friends in LA. You may remember Brian from this, this, this, this, and, most notoriously, this. We got to drawing dinosaurs, […]

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