Well, I guess that’s that

May 24, 2013

London T rex snack

4 Responses to “Well, I guess that’s that”

  1. Eric M Says:

    On the plus side, it seems your son was eaten by the largest tyrannosaurid ever recorded. It looks the the skull is well over 6ft long (assuming you have a six foot front door for scale). Of course there could be parallax issues… but the scale bar is close enough for publication.

  2. Heteromeles Says:

    Where’s those stinkin’ feathers you guys keep going on about?

  3. Leo Sham Says:

    This looks like the Papo T rex toy to me… nonetheless if I were correct, Papo’s represent the best dinosaur toys (outside of scale model realm) in the market.

  4. Heteromeles Says:

    The beast has been getting around, too: http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18p7g56h7hrdajpg/k-bigpic.jpg

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