Looking for dorsal-view images of Diplodocus cervicals

August 31, 2013

In his classic monograph, Hatcher (1901) illustrated the cervical vertebrae of the Diplodocus carnegii holotype CM 84 with beautiful drawings:

Wedel and Taylor 2013 bifurcation Figure 13 - Diplodocus cervicals from Hatcher

But only in lateral view.

Other plates show photos in lateral, anterior and posterior views, and these are useful even though they’re much less clear than the drawings.

But he didn’t illustrate the vertebrae at all in dorsal or ventral view — and as far as I know, no-one else has done so either. I would find these views really useful for something I’m working on. Does anyone have photos?



Hatcher, Jonathan B. 1901. Diplodocus (Marsh): its osteology, taxonomy and probable habits, with a restoration of the skeleton. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum 1:1-63 and plates I-XIII.

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