Get yourselves over to Tyrannosauroidea Central

September 28, 2013

Anyone who’s found the SV-POW! Tutorials useful will also like the excellent, detailed osteology posts on Tom Carr’s newish blog Tyrannosauroidea Central. Highly recommended — especially for those, like me, who have a lot to learn about skulls.


Composite skull of a subadult Albertosaurus libratus in right lateral view with the major openings and struts labeled. From the first of Carr’s blog entries, linked below.

Here are the osteology posts so far:

One Response to “Get yourselves over to Tyrannosauroidea Central”

  1. Perfect timing. Just as Carr and I engage in a Nanotyrannus THROWDOWN!!!… though I agree with him provisionally… and we’re ignoring Jane… and Alioramus messes us both up. More of a philosophical discussion I suppose.

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