SV-POW! featured on the Lost in the Stacks podcast

February 1, 2014

Lost in the stacks bills itself as “the one-and-only research-library rock’n’ roll radio show”. Every Friday, they broadcast a one-hour show on WREK Atlanta, where they chat about research-library issues and play tenuously relevant songs.

The week’s show features Matt and me chatting about open access (and a bit about sauropods), interspersed with dinosaur-themed songs. The recording will be available for download from their site for some weeks; after it expires, my copy will still be around.

(You can skip to 5:50 if you like: the first segment is introduction and a rather dull instrumental.)

Here’s the full programme:

  • Introduction
  • The Piltdown Men: The Brontosaurus Stomp
  • Discussion of open access
  • Johnny Cash: The Dinosaur Song
  • King Crimson: Dinosaur
  • Discussion of open access
  • The Police: Walking in your Footsteps
  • T. Rex: Ride a White Swan
  • The Vindictives: And The World Isn’t Flat Any More
  • Discussion of dinosaurs
  • Captain Beefheart: The Smithsonian Institute Blues
  • Jonathan Richman: I’m a Little Dinosaur
  • Conclusion and credits
  • Pete Seeger: Turn, Turn, Turn
  • Mailbag

[NB. The Captain Beefheart song is from an album that is the subject of my all-time favourite single sentence of rock criticism: “Lick My Decals Off, Baby was a further refining and exploration of the musical ideas posited on Trout Mask Replica.“]

Our thanks to Fred H. Rascoe, Scholarly Communication Librarian at Georgia Tech, for arranging this and doing the interview. Our apologies to each other, for the times we talk across each other.

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