Time running out for PeerJ free publication vouchers

February 25, 2014


Hey, remember this? Your bound-for-PeerJ manuscript is like our Mauritian friend here, and the March 1 deadline is approaching like a hungry sailor with a club. So if you still want a voucher, let me know ASAP.

3 Responses to “Time running out for PeerJ free publication vouchers”

  1. Thomas Munro Says:

    I put my hand up for one of these, but then they announced that it’s free for everyone until March 31st:
    Maybe they can be persuaded to extend the validity of the vouchers past then?

  2. Matt Wedel Says:

    To clarify, the free-publication-through-March-31 deal is only good if you upload a preprint first. I’m a big fan of preprints, but I can understand why for some projects the authors would want to keep the powder dry until formal publication (anything with nomenclatural acts, or an associated press push, for example). The vouchers cover anything submitted to PeerJ, with or without an associated preprint.

  3. I would, if they published in my area!

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