A beautiful Lego Diplodocus skeleton

June 18, 2014

Check out this beautiful Lego Diplodocus:


(Click through for the full image at full size.)

I particularly like the little touch of having of bunch of Lego Victorian gentleman scientists clustered around it, though they’re probably a bit too big for the skeleton.

This is the work of MolochBaal, and all rights are reserved. You can see five more views of this model in his Flickr gallery. I especially admire how he’s managed to get the vertebral transitions pretty smooth, the careful use of separate radius/ulna and tibia/fibula, and the use of a transparent brick in the skull to represent the antorbital fenestra.

The forefeet are wrong — their toes should not be splayed out — but you can’t blame MolochBaal for that, as he was copying the mounted CM 84/94 cast in the Madrid museum.


4 Responses to “A beautiful Lego Diplodocus skeleton”

  1. DinoAstur Says:

    You can see here the opening of the exhibition of the Diplodocus replica from Madrid in 1913, with the assistance of the Spanish Royal Family (Queen María Cristina and Infanta Beatriz):


  2. Mark Hallett Says:

    What fun! Too bad about the ramrod-straight neck (a Lego construction necessity, perhaps?), but at least the skull isn’t pointing straight down….

  3. Ilja Nieuwland Says:

    It IS more or less historically accurate this way.

  4. […] Carnegie Diplodocus, CM 84, is the original from which all those Diplodocus mounts around the globe were taken, and so by far the most-seen sauropod in the world — almost certainly the most-seen […]

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