Xenoposeidon in glorious 3D

June 27, 2014

Get your red/cyan anaglyph glasses on, and feast your eyes:


Click through for stupidly high resolution.

Those of you who are still too cheap to have sprung 99¢ for a pair of glasses, you can make do with this grossly inferior wigglegram:


2 Responses to “Xenoposeidon in glorious 3D”

  1. Nima Says:

    The wigglegram isn’t all that bad! It’s still many times better than the grainy darkened stereophotographs in Powell (2003). To think that after trying for months to coaxe some detail out of Powell’s awful Argyrosaurus photos, suddenly Mannion’s paper on Argyrosaurus comes out and drops a high-resolution bombshell on me.

    Goes with the territory I guess…

    BTW, speaking of Powell’s huge paper…. does anyone know of any research on Pellegrinisaurus that shows the dorsal column in better detail than in Powell (2003)? GSP’s size estimate on that beast (putting in it “Argentinosaurus territory”) seems way overstated, but I don’t know for sure since the description doesn’t include much as far as dorsal material goes. The femur is a lot smaller though. I suspect Pellegrinisaurus has may belong in “Antarctosauridae” but I don’t have much to go on other than the 1st caudal being biconvex and relatively short, like in Antarctosaurus itself.

  2. […] discussed on Twitter, seeing this made me think of my baby, Xenoposeidon. Now that specimen, beautiful though it is, preserves only the lower one third of the vertebra. But there are some clear commonalities, and […]

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