Things to Make and Do, Part 14: sheep skull

September 30, 2014

Just a quick photo-post today. A couple of months ago, walking around the fields near our house, I found a broad shallow pit with a lot of a sheep skeletal elements in it. I took my youngest son out on an expedition, and we rescued the good material. I’ve cleaned up the first two (of three) skulls. Here is the smaller of the two — which is also more complete, and the big one has lost its nasals.


Click through for glorious high-resolution (4000 x 3000, and not a pixel wasted).

I took a nice set of orthogonal-view photos of this skull. When I have time, I will clean them up and composite them as I did with my pig-skull, which I’m sure you all remember:


(Well … I call it my pig skull, but it’s not mine any longer. I donated it as the prize for winning the TetZooCon quiz, and it is now the proud possession of Kelvin Britton. But I have another one, so that’s all right.)

[Update: Here’s that sheep-skull multiview you ordered]

2 Responses to “Things to Make and Do, Part 14: sheep skull”

  1. brian engh Says:

    Nice! My first skull was a sheep skull that I collected from a similar pit with my grandpa when I was about 6 years old. Apparently my uncle (who was a shepherd) would put culled sheep, or ones killed by coyotes there. It was a really eye opening (and somewhat spooky) early memory, and I’d be willing to bet your son will remember his experience for years to come as well. Good job!!

  2. […] I picked up those three sheep skulls (and some other bones, including a complete neck) from a shallow pit in a field near where we live? […]

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