Help us assemble all of the museum abbreviations

March 6, 2015

Kaatedocus by Brian Engh

Kaatedocus is heading to the sidebar to help the cause.

We have a new page on the sidebar – here – where we’re collecting as many museum abbreviations as possible, the idea being that you can copy and paste them into your papers to rapidly populate the ‘Museum Abbreviations’ section. I grabbed about 100 from my own previous papers and a handful of others, so currently the list is highly skewed toward museums with (1) sauropods (2) that I’ve had reason to yap about. I’ve probably missed tons of museums that are important for people working on hadrosaurs or stegosaurs or (shudder) mammals. From here on out the list will grow as people suggest additions and edits in the comments on that page. So please get on over there and contribute!

Completely unrelated eyeball-bait art courtesy of Brian Engh, who writes,

I don’t even remember drawing this, I just found it lying around and spruced it up a bit today. It’s supposed to be some kinda diplodocid, maybe Kaatedocus, but I think the main goal of the drawing was to draw one with a sense of weight that felt right given that their center of mass is supposed to be so far back. I like the idea of them getting startled and popping up every now and again… [see also–MJW]

3 Responses to “Help us assemble all of the museum abbreviations”

  1. David Hone Says:

    Matt, this is actually something I’ve been working on for a while myself and planned to open it up in just this manner.

    One thing I’d add that people should be wary of is that many institutes have had multiple different IDs over the years (or have been regularly misreported) and we should try to make sure we get all of them.

  2. Fishy Says:

    Don’t know how much overlap there is against paleontology collections, ASIH maintains a list of abbreviations for fish collections here:

    One aspect of the ASIH list that I like is that it gives the authority for the abbreviation.

  3. gunnarmk Says:

    This has been done for entomology:

    Probably some of the abbreviations are the same for vertebrate paleontology.

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