Pay Scientific Reports extra to bypass peer-review altogether

April 1, 2015

There’s been some concern over Scientific Reports‘ new scheme whereby authors submitting manuscripts can pay $750 to have them peer-reviewed more quickly. Some members of the editorial board have quit over this development, feeling that it’s unfair to authors who can’t pay. Myself, I feel it at least shows admirable audacity — NPG has found a way to monetise its own lethargy, which is surely what capitalism is all about.

The real problem with this scheme is that $750 is an awful lot to gamble, as a sort of “pre-APC”, at a point when you don’t know whether your article is actually going to be published or not. If the peer-review returns an unfavourable verdict it’s just money down the drain.

So I welcome today’s announcement that, for only a slightly higher payment of a round $1000, it’s now possible to bypass peer-review completely, and move directly to publication. This seems like a much fairer deal for authors, and of course it streamlines the publication process yet further. Now authors can obtain the prestigious Nature Publishing Group imprint in a matter of a couple of days.

Onward and upward!

8 Responses to “Pay Scientific Reports extra to bypass peer-review altogether”

  1. Allen Hazen Says:

    Umm, there’s something distinctly FISHY, if you’ll pardon my French, about that!

  2. Mickey Mortimer Says:

    Big publishers are never gonna give up their ability to siphon money from researchers. They’ll always let us down, so we should just desert them.

  3. Marcin Says:

    uhm… April’s Fool much? :)

  4. nwfonseca Says:

    Rick Rolled guys…

  5. Chase Says:

    Bravo sir!

  6. Mark Robinson Says:

    Even tho’ I knew it was bogus I still had to click the link to see what it was. It was like a big red button that had “DO NOT PRESS” printed on it.

    It has been many years since I was last Rick-rolled, partly because I am so much wiser but mostly because people don’t seem to be doing it any more.

  7. Mike Taylor Says:

    Sometimes you have to wait literally years for the right moment.

  8. […] course, the general feedback to this annoucement was not particularly positive (, and it seems that Scientific Reports will not be carrying on with this process […]

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