The 5 stages of PeerJ

July 16, 2015

I have watched several people go through this sequence.

  1. DENIAL. PeerJ? What even is this thing? I’ll send my work to a real journal, thanks.
  2. THAWING. Huh, so-and-so published in PeerJ, it must not be that bad.
  3. GRUDGING SUBMISSION. Oh, okay, I’ll send them this one thing. I still have reservations but I want this out quickly. And I’m tired of getting rejected because some asshat thinks my paper isn’t sexy enough.
  4. AWAKENING. Wow, that was a lot faster, easier, and less painful than I expected. And the result is awesome.
  5. ACCEPTANCE. Why would I send my work anywhere else? No, really, I’m trying to think of a reason.


3 Responses to “The 5 stages of PeerJ”

  1. (copied from my Facebook post) Like some scientists I’ve spoken with, I worry about PeerJ getting an *unfair* rep as a wastebin for blog post-type papers with minimal new data or real ideas. It is important to submit high quality science there so as to keep the signal:noise ratio high. As an editor this is harder to manage than you might think. The principles of PeerJ make it hard to reject things. it is healthy to keep in mind that this is a double -edged sword, not just 100% good super happiness. We can harm PeerJ as authors (or reviewers etc) by not taking it seriously. It’s not just up to editors and reviewers to keep the quality high, but authors themselves.

  2. Marcin Says:

    Your worries are fully justified. But, the current numbers (esp. the 25th percentile with 2+ citations) show PeerJ is on the good track
    Are your worries not alike those expressed for Plos1? I, for one, can see an uncanny resemblance. Still, I DO hope they remain just that – worries, to keep us all PeerJERS sober about our preferred venue.

  3. […] Wilson and co put out with their then-new redescription of that species. I got it submitted (to PeerJ, natch) a bit more than an hour ago, and at the same time I clicked the “Make this available […]

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