When evolution just gives up, part 2

May 13, 2016

[Previously on SV-POW!]

And now:


Damn, Wedel, you really let yourself go.

3 Responses to “When evolution just gives up, part 2”

  1. Andrew Stuck Says:

    You know, I’ve been absentmindedly wondering for a while now whether there’s a sort of “ground sloth niche”, given their vague similarity in shape and presumed lifestyle to prosauropods, therezinosaurs, and chalicotheres. Although in keeping with the theme of this blog, I suppose we should call it the “prosauropod niche” especially since they were the first of these clades to appear. What do you guys think of the idea? Is that an overly simplistic view of these groups?

  2. LeeB Says:

    You could also include Homalodotheres (clawed Notoungulates) and Palorchestids (Marsupials).

    Herbivores with large claws do seem to keep evolving.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Add sthenurine kangaroos, gorillas, and giant pandas to that list. It’s been suggested that browsing with long arms is a viable alternative for developing high-browsing in species that might otherwise be unable to mess with neck length. And of course some animals, like therizinosaurs and prosauropods, do both.

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