When evolution just gives up, part 3

May 14, 2016


Seriously, Megatherium americanum, do you even lift?

10 Responses to “When evolution just gives up, part 3”

  1. Andrew Stuck Says:

    The skull even looks like it has fatty jowls!


  2. eotyrannus Says:

    I am offended, because sloths rule.

  3. John Scanlon Says:

    Just think of the sheer tonnage of adorable cuteness when those things were shuffling around

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    I am offended, because sloths rule.

    Yeah, but you think every group of tetrapods rules.

  5. LeeB Says:

    Yes it probably kept fit by lifting Glyptodonts.

    Oh and an aside for Darren, what’s wrong with the commenting system over at Tetrapod Zoology; it won’t let anyone log in to comment.


  6. AndrewD Says:

    LeeB, I E-mailed Darren, he replied to say it is not just TET. Zoo commenting that is screwed but all of Scientific American commenting-a really good upgrade!

  7. Augusto Says:

    I’m partly offended too because I love sloths, but I cannot avoid falling into the viewpoint of the offenders too. In any case it is amazing to me how such apparenty ill-locomoting (on the ground), dentally-reduced creatures thrived in the American Neogene surrounded by so much apparently fitter cursorial mammals.

  8. Mike Taylor Says:

    Which, given how terrible the SciAm commenting has always been, is really saying something!

  9. LeeB Says:


    thanks for finding that out.

    So now one of the blogs that had the most interesting comments and commentators can’t be commented on.

    I am sure the Hittites would have had some interesting curses that would have been directly applicable to the fools that caused this to happen.

    Something along the lines of “may the tendons of their hands break as they reach out to grasp success”.

    Just like queen Victoria I am not amused.


  10. KendallW Says:

    “Do you even lift?” Great caption!

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