#OpenAccessWeek: my Jisc interview about designer labels

October 26, 2016

It’s open access week! As part of their involvement with OA Week, Jisc interviewed me. You can read the interview here. A brief taster:

What’s holding back infrastructure development?

“The real problem, of course, as always, is not the technical one, it’s the social one. How do you persuade people to turn away from the brands that they’ve become comfortable with?

We really are only talking about brands, the value of publishing in, say, a big name journal rather than publishing in a preprint repository. It is nothing to do with the value of the research that gets published. It’s like buying a pair of jeans that are ten times as expensive as the exact same pair of jeans in Marks and Spencer because you want to get the ones that have an expensive label. Now ask why we’re so stupid that we care about the labels.”

Read the full interview here.


5 Responses to “#OpenAccessWeek: my Jisc interview about designer labels”

  1. Fair Miles Says:

    Excellent! And I don’t think you will get too far if you extend your analogy between the publishing and clothing industries to include investor-oriented brand consolidation, outsourcing and reduced working conditions to maximise profit (editorial maquiladoras?) and informal parallel markets (predatory publishers? fake journals?).

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    An interesting idea, Fair Miles, but I’m not sure I want to push the analogy further than it naturally wants to go.

  3. Fair Miles Says:

    OK. Just the analogy went naturally there (in my head!)

  4. […] The interview that I did for Jisc was conducted via Skype, by the very able Michelle Pauli. We talked for some time, and obviously much of what was said had to be cut for length (and no doubt some repetition). […]

  5. […] help us — on the impact factors of the journals their papers appear in (which feeds the brand-name fetish that is crippling scholarly […]

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