Listen to Matt spout nonsense on Fist Full of Podcasts

May 24, 2017

Hey sports fans! I met David Lindblad at Beer ‘N Bones at the Arizona Museum of Natural History last month, and he invited me to talk dinosaurs on his podcast. So I did (LINK). For two hours. Some of what I talk about will be familiar to long-time readers – dinosaur butt-brains and the Clash of the Dinosaurs saga, for example. But I also just sorta turned off my inhibitions and let all kinds of speculative twaddle come gushing out, including the specter of sauropod polyphyly, which I don’t believe but can’t stop thinking about. David was a gracious and long-suffering host and let me yap on at length. It is more or less the kind of conversation you could have with me in a pub, if you let me do most of the talking and didn’t want to hear about anything other than dinosaurs.

Is it any good? Beats me – I’m way too close to this one to make that call. Let me know in the comments.

Oh, I didn’t have any visuals that really fit the theme so I’m recycling this cool image of speculative sauropod display structures by Brian Engh. Go check out his blog and Patreon and YouTube channel.

11 Responses to “Listen to Matt spout nonsense on Fist Full of Podcasts”

  1. Niels Says:

    I liked it. So, there’s that.

  2. Matt Wedel Says:

    I’ll take it, thanks!

  3. Ben Says:

    This was really enjoyable and educational. Wish you’d do a podcast more often! Just saying…

  4. Matt Wedel Says:

    Thanks! So far, I accept every invitation to appear.

  5. Mike Taylor Says:

    I suspect Ben’s point is that he’d like you to do your own podcasts, not just appear in other people’s. Ah, but life is short; something’s got to give.

  6. Matt Wedel Says:

    Oh, I know. I was playing dumb because, as you point out, I have no time.

  7. Ben Says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers–either would be great! Even posting audio from lectures, classes or other talks and tagging them “SVPOW Podcasts.” But I’m an outsider and have no idea whether meeting organizers or schools let you record them and give ’em away for free…

  8. Mike Taylor Says:

    Good point here: we should, at least, record our SVPCA talks (assuming we get slots), then make videos where that audio is synced to the slideshow, and post them on YouTube.

  9. Andrew Stuck Says:

    The probable attrition rate of young sauropods in the “turtle model” of reproduction is staggering. It blew me away that there will sometimes be several years in a row where not a single turtle nest will survive, and only the sheer reproductive output keeps the species going!

    Speaking of turtles, “turtle nachos” needs to be a paleoart meme NOW. Somebody get John Conway on that.

  10. Andrew Stuck Says:

    Also, regarding possible stegosaur social behavior, Gerhard Maiar describes Kentrosaurus bonebeds discovered during the German Tendaguru Expeditions in his book “African Dinosaurs Unearthed”. I’m not sure whether they’re actually comparable to the ceratopsian bonebeds you mentioned, but there were certainly a lot found in one place either way.

  11. […] floated this idea on Fist Full of Podcasts, and Andrew Stuck gave it a shout-out in the comments, so I’m promoting it to a […]

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