Hot new stuff in APP: rebbachisaur pneumaticity, big croc, Allosaurus butts

June 6, 2017

Just got the APP new issue alert and there are three papers that I think readers of this blog will find particularly interesting:

That’s all for now, just popping in to let people know about these things.

2 Responses to “Hot new stuff in APP: rebbachisaur pneumaticity, big croc, Allosaurus butts”

  1. Allen Hazen Says:

    And, for the mammal fans, beavers and early rhinoceroses.
    (Thanks for the heads-up: I don’t always remember to check for APP.)

  2. Chase Says:

    Very cool about the new Dakotasuchus find. I’m currently writing on faunal comparisons between eastern and western North American dinosaurs during the Cretaceous, and so the presence of Dakotasuchus in both Kansas and Utah during the Albian is definitely something to think about in terms of biogeography. The new size proposed for D. kingi also has me thinking in terms of large crocodylian ecology in North America during the Cretaceous.


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