Keep your dumb ole T. rex

April 16, 2018

Here at SV-POW!, we’re just not having it.

Photo by Liguo Li, at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Also, because it’s only fair: Giant Irish Matt, to go with Giant Irish Mike. Don’t hold your breath for Giant Irish Darren – it just seems wrong to put antlers on the dude who invented Slinker World.

5 Responses to “Keep your dumb ole T. rex

  1. Natee Says:

    Damn straight.

  2. Kenneth Carpenter Says:

    Hold on, now. I mounted that particular skeleton (as well as several others there at the Academy) back when you were still in diapers.

    If I ignore your slight on THAT particular rex, then I’ll say it is an over rated dinosaur. Over the past few weeks I have gotten manuscripts on T rex from wanna-be’s to review for them. Why can’t they write on something else (and no Velociraptor, either, please). Maybe something in the mega-tonnage range….

  3. Kenneth Carpenter Says:

    Personally, rather than these continued write-ups on that over-rated dinosaur behind Matt, I would rather someone (hint, hint Matt, Mike) continue that groundbreaking research on Brontosaurus by the late Dr. Anne Elk. I was fortunate to hear her lecture in 1976, at my first SVP meeting in Boulder, Colorado (I was in my first year at college). That was back before the meetings got so ridiculously large and everyone got so frigg’in serious trying to impress each other. That was the SVP meeting when a certain young paleontologist (not me), formerly of the Smithsonian VP department, was so hung over, he had to lean on the podium to keep himself upright (as he told me years later). He gave one of the most relaxed presentations I have even seen.

    It is rather unfortunate that Dr Elk met an untimely death. Details are sketchy and may or may not have involved a vibrator. It was said she was found with a smile on her face. Regardless, I hope that someone can continue her groundbreaking work. Fortunately, we are left with a video of her presentation:

  4. Matt Wedel Says:

    Maybe something in the mega-tonnage range….

    One of Mike’s guiding principles of life is that he is prepared to be interested in anything over 10 metric tons. Anything below that limit just isn’t showing sufficient effort.

    The problem is, now there are some analyses that put T. rex and Spinosaurus over 10 tons, in which case Mike’s rule would cut off the wrong part of Theropoda, leaving us only the most vulgar of this grossly overstudied clade (hat tip to Paul Barrett for the expression ‘vulgar, overstudied theropods’, which I use at every available opportunity).

    Why can’t they write on something else

    QUITE. If it has to be large theropods, somebody figure out how big ceratosaurs, torvosaurs, and allosaurs were all coexisting in the Morrison (with more than pretty drawings and arm-waving, I mean).

  5. Mike Taylor Says:

    It is true that Ms. Elk’s research has been scandalously under-cited in academia — perhaps because, like Carl Sagan, she preferred to present her work in more informal venues. I am pleased, however, to note that I did cite her in my 2010 Geol. Soc. paper, which I hope goes some small way toward restoring her reputation.

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