TODAY at 7pm! I’m on an Academic-Led Publishing panel

February 7, 2019

Sorry for the short notice, but I just wanted to let you all know:

Today is Academic-Led Publishing Day, which the official website describes as “a global digital event to foster discussions about how members of the scholarly community can develop and support academic-led publishing initiatives”. More informally, it’s about how we can throw off the shackles of “publishers” that have made themselves our masters rather than our servants.

Three events are scheduled today: an OASPA Webinar, showcasing examples of excellent in academic-led publishing initiatives; a Twitter chat; and a panel discussion — see the website for details. These involve some stellar people, plus me. Seriously: I have no idea what I am doing there alongside people like Kathleen Shearer, Executive Director of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories, and Rebecca Kennison, co-founder of the Open Access Network. But it’s a privilege to be involved and I hope I can add something to the discussion.

If you want to tune in, you can watch live on YouTube starting at 2pm Eastern time, which is 7pm GMT. I hope to see some of you there!

BTW., if the whole topic of academic-led publishing is new to you, you might find this blog-post by Scholastica helpful: they are one of the leading publishers in this area, and right behind the goal of putting academics back in charge of academic publishing. Read: Why Academic-Led Journal Publishing? Liberating Research Through Tools and Services

3 Responses to “TODAY at 7pm! I’m on an Academic-Led Publishing panel”

  1. 5.30am for me, not happening, given I’m still up writing a grant application :-( I presume it will be recorded for later perusal…

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    I actually don’t know — no-one’s said anything about recording, but it would seem odd not to.

    5:30am: so you’re in a half-hour timezone? That must be inconvenient.

  3. Everyone else is half an hour out from us! Look at the distribution of cities and population in South Australia and you’ll see why it makes sense.

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