The Past, Present and Future of Jensen’s “Big Three” sauropods

September 17, 2019

My talk (Taylor and Wedel 2019) from this year’s SVPCA is up!

The talks were not recorded live (at least, if they were, it’s a closely guarded secret). But while it was fresh in my mind, I did a screencast of my own, and posted it on YouTube (CC By). I had to learn how to do this for my 1PVC presentation on vertebral orientation, and it’s surprisingly straightforward on a Mac, so I’ve struck while the iron is hot.

For the conference, I spoke very quickly and omitted some details to squeeze the talk into a 20-minute slot. In this version, I go a bit slower and make some effort to ensure it’s intelligible to an intelligent layman. That’s why it runs closer to half an hour. I hope you’ll find it worth your time.


8 Responses to “The Past, Present and Future of Jensen’s “Big Three” sauropods”

  1. This is a nice trick! Do you have advice/a reference on how to record such a thing? I have a MacBook Air.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    I will be writing a tutorial soon on that very subject!

  3. Anchiornis :) Says:

    I calculated the length of Super-BYU 17386. The estimated length is 43 meters.

  4. Mike Taylor Says:

    Well, that certainly seems in the right ballpark.

  5. Mike, did you ever write that tutorial? Searching post titles since this one for “tutorial” didn’t find it.

  6. Mike Taylor Says:

    I did not! Thanks for the reminder, I will get on it.

  7. […] Having figured out the practicalities of doing this, it made sense to similarly make a permanent record of my SVPCA 2019 talk, The Past, Present and Future of Jensen’s “Big Three” sauropods: […]

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