The R2R debate, part 4: the video!

April 7, 2020

It’s been a while, but to be fair the world has caught fire since I first started posting about the Research to Reader conference. Stay safe, folks. Don’t meet people. Stay indoors; or go outdoors where there’s no-one else. You know how it’s done by now. This is not a drill.

Anyway — I am delighted to announce that the R2R conference has now made available the video of the debate — as part of a playlist that is slowly filling up with videos of all the conference’s sessions and workshops.

So here it is!

Here’s how the timeline breaks down:

  • 0:18 — Mark Carden (pre-introduction)
  • 0:46 — Rick Anderson (introduction and initial vote)
  • 5:12 — Toby Green (proposing the motion)
  • 15:50 — Pippa Smart (opposing the motion)
  • 25:01 — Mike Taylor (responding for the motion)
  • 28:31 — Niall Boyce (responding for the opposition)
  • 31:34 — discussion
    • 32:09 — Tasha Mellins-Cohen; response from Pippa
    • 33:20 — Anthony Watkinson; Pippa
    • 35:15 — Catriona McCallum; Niall
    • 39:19 — anonymous online question; Mike
    • 39:56 — anonymous online question; Mike; Niall; Toby; Pippa; Mike
    • 46:27 — Robert Harrington; Mike; Toby
    • 47:38 — Kaveh Bazargan; Niall; Mike; Niall; Pippa; Mike; Pippa
    • 52:30 — Jennifer Smith; Pippa; Mike
  • 58:32 — Rick Anderson (wrap up and final vote)
  • 1:00:45 — Mark Carden (closing remarks)

A notable quality of the discussion that makes up the second half of this hour is that the two teams become gradually more concilatory as it progresses.

Anyway, enjoy! And let us know whether you found the argument for or against the proposition compelling!


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