Here’s that badger-skull multiview you ordered

July 25, 2020

For reasons that I will explain in a later post, I am parting with one of my most treasured possessions: the badger skull that I extracted from my roadkill specimen four years ago.

As a farewell, I finally photographed it properly from all the cardinal directions, and prepared this multiview:

Don’t forget to click though for the full resolution version!

2 Responses to “Here’s that badger-skull multiview you ordered”

  1. llewelly Says:


    too bad you didn’t get a chance to do a side-by-side photo set with the badger skull and the otter skull.

  2. Mike Taylor Says:

    Well, I will prepare an analogous multiview of the otter skull once it’s ready. At present, it’s still rotting down at the end of the garden.

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