You! Shall not! Pass!

August 22, 2020

OK, technically this is MB.R.3822, a dorsal vertebra of Giraffatitan brancai formerly known as HMN Ar1, in posterior view, rendered from a 3D scan provided by Heinrich Mallison.

But you can’t tell me that when you look at that you don’t see Gandalf shouting at a balrog.

6 Responses to “You! Shall not! Pass!”

  1. Mike Taylor Says:

    It turns out that I formally published a similar image to this one, as part E1 of Taylor (2018: figure 2).

  2. dale mcinnes Says:

    Seriously! A Gandalphosaurus balrogi? Hmmmmm … I think U have something there ….

  3. Brad Lichtenstein Says:

    I’ve got a beany-baby plush balrog! Much cuter than the movie version – not sure I can post a pic here, but I agree with you about the Gandalf bone.

  4. Z. Mustafa Ahmed Says:

    I rap fast like Shadowfax!

  5. Oh, yes, I see Gandalf shouting at a balrog.

  6. Jamale Ijouiher Says:

    Pity it already has a name, because this taxa is just begging to be called Rorschachia or something like that.

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