My Oddbins corkscrew resembles a titanosaur femur

December 19, 2020

These things just catch my eye, I can’t help it.

Left: Oddbins corkscrew, circa 1997. Right: left femur of Patagotitan mayorum, circa 100,000,000 BC.

Note that the corkscrew features a distinct medially directed femoral head, the bulge in the lateral margin of the proximal portion that is characteristic of titanosaurs, and a straight shaft. OK, it’s missing tibial and fibular condyles at the distant end, but you can’t have everything.


5 Responses to “My Oddbins corkscrew resembles a titanosaur femur”

  1. aquadraco Says:

    I don’t suppose anybody thought to check for a giant fossilised corkscrew during the excavation?

  2. Squiddhartha Says:

    Stinkin’ appendicular elements!

  3. llewelly Says:

    (duck joke, incoming)

    comparison with modern dinosaurs, such as ducks, suggests that if sauropods had corkscrews, they would be highly unlikely to be preserved in the fossil record.

  4. Nathan Myers Says:

    “Distal condyles prepared away”.

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