New documentary film streaming now: Science Friction

April 21, 2022

Long-time readers may recall that back in 2009, I was quote-mined in the television documentary series Clash of the Dinosaurs (1, 2, 3). Turns out, such misrepresentations are not that uncommon, and now there’s a whole feature-length documentary about the problem, titled Science Friction. The trailer is above, and the film’s homepage is here. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video and on Tubi (maaaybe for free? I don’t have a Tubi subscription but the film plays in browser for me with no payment…). Science Friction has earned a decent number of film festival accolades, and I’m proud to have been involved.

Note to my future navel-gazing self: I’m on at 0:19:40 to 0:21:21, and again from 1:22:21 to 1:22:50.

5 Responses to “New documentary film streaming now: Science Friction

  1. Brad Lichtenstein Says:

    Lol, but I’m sure it’s such a NICE navel upon which to gaze!

  2. nwfonseca Says:

    It is free on tubi with commercials. At least we get to see it.

  3. nwfonseca Says:

    This should be required viewing to pretty much everyone. You should be proud to be part of this program.

  4. Jura Says:

    This looks great and will likely be my favourite documentary of the year. I hope it gets widespread distribution.

  5. Mike Taylor Says:

    No Tubi in the UK, sadly.

    It seems faintly ridiculous that we still have this kind of geographical balkanization in 2022.

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