Dino dig birthday cake

June 5, 2022

One of the benefits of being me is that my friends often make me cool dino-themed stuff for my birthday (f’rinstance). This year, it was this dinosaur dig cake from my friend Jenny Adams. Yes, it’s a vulgar, overstudied theropod,* but I take the requisite amount of joy from how thoroughly blown apart its skeleton is. Plus, the skull and cervicals are pneumatic (in vivo, if not in choco), so it’s a least plausibly interesting (i.e., not an ornithopod), and it looks cool (i.e., not Camarasaurus).

*I’m morally obligated to thank Paul Barrett for this wonderful phrase, which I use pretty much every chance I get.

Should you want to replicate this glycemic index Chicxulub, here’s the stratigraphic breakdown, starting from the bedrock (bedchoc?):

  • base layer is a regular chocolate cake,
  • but with added chocolate chips,
  • topped with vanilla frosting, to hold down:
  • a whole package of Oreos crumbled into faux dirt
  • surrounding the vanilla-flavored white chocolate dinosaur bones

Jenny made the dino bones using a set of (new, clean) plastic sand molds, like these:

You can find a zillion like ’em online by searching for ‘dinosaur sand toys’ or ‘dinosaur sand mold’.

Anyway, I can report that the excavation has been most enjoyable, but with about half the ‘quarry’ left to explore, the number of fossils recovered intact continues to hover near zero — we’ve been grinding them up to use as dietary supplements. Good thing it’s just a theropod!

5 Responses to “Dino dig birthday cake”

  1. Mike Taylor Says:

    Nice! Although that tyrannosaur hand is going to give me nightmares.

  2. Matt Wedel Says:

    Yeah, I was going to make some snarky comments about the anatomical accuracy of the molds, but none of them are sauropods so I couldn’t be arsed. That possibly-from-a-chimpanzee hand is something else, though.

  3. llewelly Says:

    hm. Unusual morphology of the hand indicates it may be a new species, Tyrannosaurus cancerungis.

  4. llewelly Says:

    also, based on similarities of the hip, I propose the Tyrannosaurus may be more closely related to the Stegosaurus than either is to the Triceratops.

    Joking aside, it’s a great use of what is probably an inexpensive toy.

  5. j. nereim Says:

    Best. Birthday. Cake. EVER! Prove me wrong. Please. (I want to see more cool cakes….)

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