I’m not 100% sure what this is, but it exists

October 8, 2022

Darren, the silent partner at SV-POW!, pointed me to this tweet by Duc de Vinney, displaying a tableau of “A bunch of Boners (people who study bones) Not just paleontologists, some naturalists and cryptozoologists too”, apparently commissioned by @EDGEinthewild:

As you can see, Darren, Matt and I (as well as long-time Friend Of SV-POW! Mark Witton) somehow all made it into the cartoon, ahead of numerous far more deserving people. Whatever the criterion was, and whatever reason Edge In The Wild had for wanting this, I am delighted to be included alongside the likes of Owen, Osborn, Cope, Marsh, and Bob Bakker. Even if the caricatures are not especially flattering.

Here is an edit showing only the three of us, which I am sure I will find many fruitful uses for:

My thanks to Duc de Vinney for creating this!


10 Responses to “I’m not 100% sure what this is, but it exists”

  1. dale mcinnes Says:

    Well ….. That’s different.

  2. Barnum Brown looks like an Edwardian villain who’s about to foreclose someone’s mortgage.

  3. Allen Hazen Says:

    I like the fact that Cope and Marsh are shown gripping similar-looking bones: as if they have seized them from a fossil site and as if each desperately wants to keep the other from having both.

    Roy Chapman Andrews and Ivan T. Sanderson are both wearing what could be Army garb, but look at the ankle areas: Andrews, who is most famous for the Mongolian expeditions in the 1920s, might be wearing WW I era gear, and Sanderson, best known for his writings in the 1940s and later, looks mere WW II-ish. (Or maybe Andrews is dressed for action in the field and Sanderson for headquarters staff work. Either way, it’s a nice touch.)

  4. Anne W. Says:

    Needs more women. Mary Schweitzer is a good choice but there are more people doing important work besides Mary and the Token Safely Historical Figure. Especially if one is inclined to consider that animals outside of Reptilia also have bones.

  5. E.D.G.E. Says:

    These were for natural history videos on YouTube! I figured it would be more fun to have little caricatures of everybody rather than just photos. That way everyone can kinda interact with historical figures as well. Much more diversity to come!

  6. Mike Taylor Says:

    Oh, cool! Are those videos available for viewing?

  7. E.D.G.E. Says:

    Yes! I apologize for taking so long to respond.

    I do a bunch of other nat-hist-focused content as well.

  8. Mike Taylor Says:

    Wow, that is a substantial piece of work!

  9. E.D.G.E. Says:

    Thank you! It definitely took a while!

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