Here’s that ornithopod-skeleton anaglyph you ordered

November 26, 2022

While I was thinking about Diplodocus atlas ribs, I was reminded of the ribs on the atlas of a diplodocine skull-and-three-cervicals exhibit that Matt and I saw at MOAL(*) back in the heady days of the Sauropocalypse.

And that reminded me that I have other pairs of photos from the MOAL visit, which I took with the intention of making anaglyphs. like the one I did of the diplodocine. So here is an anaglyph of a small bipedal ornithischian whose exact identity I evidently didn’t bother to write down:

Does anyone know what this is? Maybe Dryosaurus or something along those lines?


(*) When Matt and I visited this museum, it was known as the North American Museum of Ancient Life, or NAMAL for short. Since then, it’s dropped the “North American” and promoted the “of”, and it’s now the Museum Of Ancient Life, or MOAL for short. But we’re sticking with the existing category (see link below) for continuity with other things we’ve posted from there.


7 Responses to “Here’s that ornithopod-skeleton anaglyph you ordered”

  1. smeek1 Says:

    I visit this museum often and my best guess is it might be one of the skeletons they have labeled as Othnielia. The only other small ornithischian there I can think of is Thescelosaurus, but the skulls look very different.

  2. Gabriel Says:

    I’m not an expert and I’ve never been to this museum, but to me it looks like a juvenile hadrosaur.

  3. L. J. Krumenacker Says:

    I need my glasses to see this Dryosaurus(?) better…

  4. Matt Inabinett Says:

    Looks like a camptosaur to me — the arms are too long and the femur too straight for a dryosaur, and it seems to have a suitable bulkiness.

  5. Mike Taylor Says:

    Thanks all, for suggestions. I love that all three of them so far are different from mine, and from each other!

  6. Ben B Says:

    i love how clearly this thread establishes that no one really cares about ornithopods

  7. LeeB. Says:

    Unless they are as big as Shantungosaurus.

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